What is the capital of algeria known for

Jan 17, 2015 · In the desert, the daily variations in temperature can be more than 80˚F (44˚C). Considering the vast expanse of desert, it goes without saying that one of the well-known Algeria facts is that temperatures can be scorching. In August 2011, temperatures in the oasis town of In Salah reached 123.8˚F (51˚C). Algiers became the capital of French Algeria. Many Europeans settled in Algiers, and by the early 20th century they formed a majority of the city's population. [15] During the 1930s, the architect Le Corbusier drew up plans for a complete redesign of the colonial city. Capital Cities of African Countries On this page you will find the capital cities of Africa with figures of the city proper population*. Have a look at the cities from space, for each city there is a searchable map/satellite view. The capital city of Algeria is Algiers, which is also the country’s largest city. 24. Algeria is in North Africa and is located on the Mediterranean Ocean with Morocco to the west and Tunisia to the east. 25. Algeria recorded its record high temperature in August of 2011. The thermometer topped off at 123.8°F (51°C). For a list of all the 1,541 municipalities (baladiyahs) of Algeria, see List of municipalities of Algeria, and for the postal code of an Algerian city, see list of postal codes of Algerian cities. Map of Algeria. Algiers, Capital of Algeria.