Neo pi r hand scoring sheets

NEO Personality Inventory-Revised (NEO PI-R) Developed as a measure of the Five Factor Model, the NEO Personality Inventory- Revised uses these five dimensions – emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles – to evaluate adult personality. the NEO PI-R™. Global Description of Personality: The Five Factors The most distinctive feature of this individual's personality is his standing on the factor of Conscientiousness. Men who score in this range have little need for achievement, putting personal interests or pleasure before business. They prefer not to make schedules, are often late The NEO PI-R test is an untimed test, which is usually completed within a 90-minute timeframe. The test has 240 questions designed to measure the candidate’s Big-Five personality traits. A second, and shorter exam is known as the NEO Five-Factor Inventory, otherwise called the NEO-FFI has 60 questions.