Khovanshchina imslp sheet

The Clarinet Institute maintains the largest archive of PDF sheet music clarinet on the Internet. The archive has grown so large that we have had to split it into 2 volumes. You can see Volume 2 here. Get both Clarinet Archives at a discount here Over 23,450 pages of sheet music from hundreds of composers. The vocal score has the Prelude transcribed for piano solo by Rimsky-Korsakov ... Mussorgsky had, by all accounts, a very short and unhappy life. He was destined for a career in the military from an early age, but by the time he was 19, having had some sort of emotional crisis, he resigned his army commission. Pieces based on 'Khovanshchina' External Links Wikipedia article: Extra Information *At Mussorgsky's death the opera's fifth act was left incomplete (or lost) and only a few sections were orchestrated. The remainder of the vocal score was largely (though not entirely) complete. More details here on the completions