Tonnage calculation for sheet metal forming hammers

To calculate the pressure (measured in tons per square inch) needed for a die to coin a particular piece of target metal, you need to know the perimeter of the die, the thickness of the metal and the shear strength of the metal. American Punch Company manufactures replacement and custom punches, dies and shear blades to fit all ironworkers - angleline, beamline and plate. The company also makes copers, notchers and bar cutters.Maziar Ramezani, Zaidi M. Ripin, in Rubber-Pad Forming Processes, 2012. 1.1 Introduction. Sheet metal forming is one of the most important technologies in the industry. In recent years, the demand for sheet metal parts with different shapes and properties has increased dramatically, due to the development of modern industries.Our new press brake bending tonnage calculator for calculation of necessary force to obtain the specific bend of the part according to the material and thickness. Moreover you can check the V-opening, angle and min. length of the rest part.TONNAGE CALCULATION Use the guidelines below to calculate the needed tonnage for your stamping project. General Formula for Press Tonnage Required Determine the approximate press tonnage needed to stamp a part based on linear inches of cut. This metal punch doesn't get worn out or tired from repetitive motion, so the 10,000th piece of sheet metal cut using this machine will match the very first piece that was cut. Metal stamping can create a myriad of unique items by stamping tons of custom met forms quickly and evenly. Here are some jobs a metal stamping machine are often used for: