How to make an envelope from a sheet of paper

You can make the envelope original with colored or patterned paper if you want it to look festive. Consider visiting a craft store for an envelope template. If you can't find a template the size you want, follow these steps to make an envelope that is the size of your choosing. Easy Origami Envelope - fairly secure - for rectangle paper Here is a simple but practical origami - the easy origami envelope. All you need is a single sheet of paper, write your letter, then fold it up! Lots of origami instructins Easy Origami Envelope Folding Instructions - How to make an Easy Origami Envelope Mehr anzeigen Step 7. Place a small line of glue or strip of double-sided tape along the right and left edges of the bottom flap of your envelope. Fold the flap in toward the center of the envelope, pressing down along the sides to secure the bottom flap to the two short sides.